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About rights-managed and royalty free

Two ways to purchase images.
How are they the same?  

The images maintain the same high level of quality, both visually and technically.


How are they different?  

Rights-managed (license-protected images):
The image is limited to the utilization you report to us.
To the greatest extent possible, we ensure that the images are not used by/for
another player in the same industry at the same time.
Each image has a "history", which enables us to report how it has been used
previously as well as the extent to which it has been used.
The image's price is based on how it is used. Simply put - the more the picture is
exposed, the more expensive it is to use it.

Royalty-free images:
Price is based on one single factor – the size of the image file.
The images have releases suitable for all models, buildings, objects.
They may be manipulated and cut without consent needing to be obtained.
There is no limitation to how long the images may be used.
The licensee can use the images for any areas to which the image file suffices.