Become a better image communicator
How to communicate pictorially with color
Composition and lighting in all its glory, but have you ever thought about what the colors in your image say about you and the message you want to convey? The colors in your images are strong carriers of emotional moods and can therefore
enhance your message.

Together with the Swedish semiotician Karin Sandelin of Kantar Sifo, we have examined which signals and moods the colors in images can convey. Further down this article, you can download an in-depth white paper on the topic. Are you in a hurry and want to delve into the images right away? Naturally, you will be provided with shortcuts to the various slide shows. Keep reading and let us help you improve
your image communication!
Earthy, dusky and
as of another time
Pulse-raising and alluring carrier
of emotion
Sporty, alert enhancer
of optimistic values
Dreamy gem and
carrier of status
Sophisticated romantic in luxurious packaging
Take the chance to download a white paper
Would you like detailed information on what messages these five color scales convey and get help remembering? Download and print our white paper for a bit of weekend reading! A good, inspirational present for your colleagues perhaps?
A special thanks to Karin Sandelin of Kantar Sifo who worked with us on this article.
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