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How to communicate with images of nature
Nature is a rich source of emotionally charged metaphors. Perhaps that is why so many companies and organizations make great use of images of nature. When working with employer branding for example, images of nature can be a good choice of motif for portraying your employer brand.

A bit further down, you will find a short film, a quickly read white paper that delves into the subject of the film and a suitable selection of images. But first, let us begin by explaining why it is important to work with employer branding.

Come along and let us help you improve your image communication!

Forest from above

Why you should care about employer branding?
On entering is a fast-growing work force called Generation Y. Within five years they are predicted to dominate the work force and they are looking for jobs for different premises than the older generations. For example, sustainability, flexibility and a good working culture are high on the list.

So, have you thought through how you can meet and match these premises? Research shows that employee commitment and motivation are essential for a companys result and success. So you have everything to win to think through how you can attract and motivate new and existing employees to ensure your employee talent. Using images of nature, you can find the right symbols that show what you stand for while using motifs that remind you of the values that the younger generations add a little extra to: environment, climate and sustainability. Win win!

Forest landscape. A person is standing on a dock with a bulb. Autumn in mountain scenery.

What values do you want to be associated with?
Whatever your message is, you can bring it to life with an image of nature. Practical, don't you think? In this series, we will give you five examples of messages relayed using images of nature that you can use as part of communicating your employer brand.

  • Stability and retention
  • Excitement and liveliness
  • Freedom and opportunities
  • Complexity and depth
  • Vision and courage
View the film here:
Woman and mountains
Let our selected images of nature inspire you
Are you tight for time? We have done the job for you and selected images taken from the tips provided in the white paper.
Coniferous forest and fog
Dont miss the chance to download a white paper
Here you get in-depth information about communicating with images of nature. Print and save, or share with your colleagues?
A special thanks to Karin Sandelin of Kantar Sifo who has worked with this series.
Other sources: Glassdoor for Employers, Dale Carnegie Training and Sustainability Matters.
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