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Save time with Johnér
Avoid unnecessary work this year and simplify your image communication. By using images from Johnér Bildbyrå, you let us do some of the work for you!

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7 ways Johnér saves you time

1. We select images with Scandinavian imagery
Are you tired of spending loads of time searching in big archives for images with Scandinavian imagery? Use Johnér instead. Our images are created by the best Scandinavian and Nordic photographers.

2. We select only the best
Our image editors are extremely picky in their selections, which means you will quickly find what you are looking for without having to plow through heaps of subpar images.

3. We are always available
We are easy to get in touch with quickly if you need help or want to talk to us. We are always available through our chat function on during office hours, and our customers praise our quick and personable customer service.

4. We help you search efficiently
Are you uncertain which search terms you should use to find the right images? Contact us at and we will help you get more efficient at searching for images. And if you get stuck when looking for images in the future, you can always get in touch with our well-versed image editors who can help you.

5. We listen to your wishes
Looking for a specific image that is not in our image archive? Please contact us. If more people could benefit from the theme, our production team will be happy to arrange a photo shoot to complement our image archive. Convenient, isn't it?

6. We take care of the legal aspects
If you use our images, you can rest assured that we have taken care of the tedious paperwork and legal aspects. Naturally all of our images are approved in accordance with GDPR.

7. We offer package solutions and subscriptions
Our simple pricing models with packages and subscriptions make purchasing images simpler. If you select a subscription, everyone in your team gains access to the images, which makes your job easier.