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4 smart tricks for finding good images
Here are four tricks for improving on searching for and finding the right images for your communications. Which of these tips will you employ the next time you're on the hunt?
ima189139 and ima159563
1. Check out similar images
Have you found an image that works for your communications but want more options to choose from? Then this trick is for you. Click on the image you found. Then, choose "Show more image data". Scroll down to the 'Search for similar images' heading. Here, you will see the search words used for this image. Check the search words that are relevant and click "Search" - voilá! You now have options to choose from.
2. Look for images of the same model
Sometimes you need images of the same person. Here's what you do: Click an image with the model you want to use. Click "Show more image data". On the right-hand side of the image, you will find the model's ID code. Click on it. Yay! You should now see images of that particular model!
3. Find images of a certain style
If you find a style of images you like, check out the other images taken by that photographer to find more like it. Here too you need to click "Show more image data" to get a link to the photographer's name. Click the link to see all of that photographer's images. You could also start from the Our photographers page which lists all of our photographers.
ima187329 and ima177589
4. Use category search and image inspiration
Have you seen the Category Search function? If not, you will find it directly above the search results. Here, you can start searching by scrolling through various categories and sub-categories. For instance, the Education category lists sub-categories such as classrooms, lessons, teachers, universities, etc... Another way of searching and getting inspiration is to visit the Image Inspiration page where we have collected inspiring images and common searches.
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Photographers: Maskot Bildyrå (masma89707), Hans Berggren (ima189139 and ima159563), Jonas Gunarsson (ima187329 and ima177589).