Behind the scenes at photoshoot


Co-production on sensitive theme with Byn communications agency

To be at the forefront as an image provider, reflecting society here and now, we must sometimes depict more serious topics. Join us behind the scenes when we, together with Byn communications agency, take on the challenge to visualise an information campaign on the serious topic of female genital mutilation, commissioned by the County Administrative Board of Östergötland.

In the spring of 2023, Johnér had the honour of teaming up with Byn agency, who had received an important assignment from the National Centre against Honour-Related Violence and Oppression at the County Administrative Board of Östergötland. They wanted to spread knowledge about genital mutilation in order to prevent the crime and get more victims to seek medical care. This was done through an extensive information campaign. Byn was asked to develop a website, brochures, posters, digital screens and social media posts. And for this, they needed the right images.

The wide-ranging information campaign has now been rolled out to the general public as well as to schools, kindergartens, healthcare, social services and the judiciary.

» Check out the campaign at www.kö

The quest for suitable images

When Byn agency contacted us, they had already searched for suitable images for the project at various image agencies.

– When we had decided on an imagery framework and were going to prepare sharp suggestions, we contacted Johnér, among others, to see if the models approved of us using the images in a campaign on the subject of genital mutilation. Several said no, and then we started discussing doing a specific shoot for the campaign. Johnér turned out to be a perfect partner for that, says Fanny, Production Manager at Byn.

Behind the scenes at the photoshoot

Here at Johnér, we agreed that it was best to create new images where the models were on board with the theme from the start.

– It is always best to customise the campaign for the client. The County Administrative Board needed qualitative, authentic and approachable images within their budget. It was natural for us to make that happen, says CEO and photographer Mårten Johnér.

Fulfilling the vision together

Byn came to us with a clear idea about the imagery, and together we made the vision a reality. It needed to be felt that the pictures were taken in Sweden, with locations familiar to the target group – affected girls and women, relatives and professionals in all parts of the country.

Great emphasis was placed on portraying the individuals in the images as proud, rather than vulnerable: free young women with a positive future. Johnér cast the models, all of whom found it valuable to be involved. For the images of healthcare professionals, we wanted to find real practitioners, and so we did.

Behind the scenes at the photoshoot

Great teamwork, great outcomes

– Both we and the client are very happy with the images. They are being used in all the pieces we developed for the campaign, says the team at Byn.

And how was working with us?

– It has been very nice to work with Johnér. You've been flexible, fast, responsive and provided good input. Not least, it was highly valuable that you were able to come up with several excellent models and locations so quickly.

IMA243194 - Doctor in dialogue with patient IMA243190 - Three girls playing video games and laughing
IMA243199 - Three teenage girls walking together in schoolyard IMA243207 - Portrait of woman on a railway platform

Would you also like to create something together?

At Johnér, we like to work closely with our customers and are happy to create images according to your specific needs and wishes. Of course, we take your budget into account. We do everything from business images and staff portraits to larger productions where we make sure to find suitable models and locations.

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