Find the right image using filters

Finding the right image for a project can be a challenge. Maybe you're searching too broadly, or you get stuck in too concrete a mindset. Sometimes inspiration runs out and you're not even sure where to start. But don't worry - our filter function will help you! Below, we will guide you through its possibilities and how to filter your search.

Main category: Lifestyle

Colors: Orange

Photo technique & viewpoint: Studio shot

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How to efficiently use filters

When the results for your keyword are too many, filters help narrow down the selection, while making results more relevant. And when you don't know yet exactly what you're looking for, you can start by applying different filters instead, without using any keywords. This allows you to find new inspiration on your journey towards the perfect image.

1. Activate filters

To display the filter selector, you first need to carry out a search (with or without keywords). To make a blank search, place the cursor in the search bar and press Enter.

2. Combine, add and remove

You can combine multiple filters in the same search. You can also add or remove filters along the way, to further refine your search as you go. In order to refresh the search results, after removing an applied filter, you have to go back to the search bar and press Enter anew.

3. Broaden your horizons

Try more abstract filters such as Concept or Imagery to broaden your views on how to communicate your message! Keep applying different filters and watch the results change, this way you can find the combination that works best for your needs.

What filter options are there?


See images from a specific photographer. Great if you've found one with a visual language you like.

Main categories

Are you writing about business, nature, people or perhaps technology? Find images that fit your project by filtering on the subject matter.


Are you looking for an image that communicates balance, humour, mystery or curiosity? This is where you filter on more abstract concepts, such as emotions and expressions.


Find pictures of people in a certain age range.


Filter by geographical location.


How many people, animals or objects would you like to depict?


Find images that contain specific colors or have a certain background color. Helpful if you are looking for images that match a graphic profile.

Photo technique & viewpoint

Filter for close-ups, aerial shots, backlit images or images with extra copy space (and much more)!


Choose between color pictures or black and white.


Landscape, portrait, square or panorama - find what suits the project or media channel.

Film speed

Looking for video? Filter clips by speed here!

Above the search results are two additional filter selectors where you can choose type of media (photos, videos, illustrations or several of these) and what language you want to use for keywords.

Main category: Industry

Photo technique & viewpoint: Full frame

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Photographers: Plattform (IMA214995), Plattform (IMA239348), Maskot (MASMA93802), Maskot (MASMA63890), Image Source (ISRIS098Y7HY), Image Source (ISRIS098Y7IQ), Cultura (CUL38CFA0011RM), Cultura (CUL38CFA0021RM)